Monday, June 10, 2013

Conquer Your Love

So I just finished Conquer Your Love from the Surrender Your Love trilogy by J.C. Reed.

I need to start by saying I loved the first book, SYL. It did start off a little rough in the beginning but the story between Brooke and Jett was hot. I was intrigued and surprised that the book had a mystery as well as a love story. It's not your typical story about falling head over heels for your boss and following their everyday life.

Now on to Conquer Your Love, I was excited to see where Brooke's story was taking us. And of course rooting for Jett to run after his love. But what happens is not what I had in mind. The story line was confusing at times and certain "events" didn't make sense to me. I could follow along but I don't think J.C. gave enough interest into the story behind the estate and the scary things involved. I guess you could say it needed a little more fluff, I could go on about what I would change or add but I'm sure you want me to spare you.

Conclusion, I did like the book. Did I think it held up to the hype and suspense of us waiting after SYL, no. But you gotta love the ending of the book. It makes me happy for Brooke and Jett.

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