Friday, September 6, 2013

Irresistible Lines- Breene Wilde

About the Author:
Breena Wilde has been writing for years. She's sold more than half a million books in the last year under another name. Breena's had a lot of jobs. She's flipped burgers, worked in a hotel, and spent time managing people in customer service. She's lived everywhere, from Taiwan and New York, to California and Virginia, but Wyoming is home. Writing is the best job ever!!! BLURRED LINES is the first of many in her New Adult erotic series.

My Review:
Ok I totally support this series, LOVE IT! Breena has explained it well, it is exactly like a tv show. And it leaves you wanting to watch the next episode ASAP!
The series is HOT and very intriguing. You get mixed feelings with Cadence- sometimes you want to yell at her for the choices she makes; then you want to hug her for what she endures.
Holey Hotness for Zane and John!!!!
This volume: Irresistible Lines, was heavy on my heart- almost a panic attack- but in a good way. Ha! Panic attacks good? Bahaha. Cadence's world is turned upside down yet again, but is she happy? We will have to see whats to come in Volume 6!

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