Friday, September 6, 2013

Trust Me by Melanie Walker

Carrie Beckett knew what fear was. Pain, Anger, Terror…she also knew Trust. Of all the things her father taught her and her brother, it was her brother Noah who taught her to trust.
At fourteen and awakened in the middle of the night by her eighteen year old brother Noah, they run and escape a fate that is worse than death. Years of abuse so severe has left them both strong, wounded and careful. They know to trust one another above all things and promise then and there they will never look back.
The summer before her final year at UW Carrie agrees to a date with her long time crush who happens to be her brother Noah’s best friend Chad Blake. The tattooed and sexy as sin front-man for rock band Thick as Thieves and the crowned King of Gig Harbor’s bad boys, Chad is a known for a good time, great music, killer tats and a sweet goodbye the morning after as long as the girl knows the score. Everything he is, is everything Noah wants her safe from.
Chad has wanted his best friends sister since she was eighteen but stayed away after Noah warned him that Carrie was off limits. Having been burned in the past, Chad focused on his day job as a tattoo artist and his dream of making it big with his band Thick as Thieves; keeping his bed warm until he had the chance to get Carrie Beckett there and never let her leave.
Noah sheltered Carrie as best he could, keeping her as far from his personal life and Chad Blake as he could. He wanted nothing but happiness and freedom for the sister he watched suffer day in and day out.
But Carrie is innocent and smart, strong willed with a sassy mouth, all the things Chad loves about her and refuses to deny himself of anymore.
Risking it all on a whim, he shows up and asks Carrie to go “All In” and betray her brother for a chance to be together.
Carrie is brought into the world of parties, concerts, fangirls and sex- that force her to face the memories of her past in order to move on with Chad as her future.
Knowing that love is a reward, trust, a gift, Carrie and Chad fall with a passion so strong, it threatens to break them both. They will battle back all the bad things in life for just a second of good and all the insecurities will come to an explosive head that may just destroy them both.

My Review:
I didn't research this book very much before I bought it. And I will say I am so glad I did buy it. I was worried when I read the first page, but Oh My Goodness- I could not put the book down. I read it in one sitting.
Not everyone has a great life whether it is childhood or beyond. But to go through and feel all the emotions that Carrie went through is shell shocking. And how strong and smart is Noah (Carrie's brother) for Trust Me?
After reading Trust Me I just want to go get some amazing tattoo's like Carrie's.
Great story and I highly recommend.

About the Author:
My name is Melanie Walker and I have been having an affair with reading since I was nine. That is the only way to describe how passionate I am for reading. I started out writing poems and then short stories. Then it happened, I had always wanted to write a book, but foolishly thought I needed a degree and an agent and publisher to even see my book in print. My first book was a Novell titled Claimed. After I finished the novella I felt like I was on top of the world. I swore it was good and knew it would be published... not so much.
After spending some serious time on the internet and researching, I decided to give it a shot again. I had just finished the Twilight series and I was desperate for the next big vampire romance. I wrote Maks, a novel of The Crew. Another paranormal peice and I can honnestly say that it will forever be my baby.
My first published peice was Bliss and I didnt do the whole PR thing like I have with Awakened. I told my friends and let it get recognized by word of mouth. Now with Awakened on the rise and so far some seriously awesome reviews, I am taking the time to set up shop and stay for a while. I never knew that work could be so much fun, until the day I said screw it and went for my dreams. It has been a scary and amazing ride but I am glad I did it because there is NOTHING I want more! 
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